How To Team Up For Search Engine Traffic And Profit

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I would like to share a very effective content building strategy with you. It can bring you search engine traffic and profits much faster than you would expect from brand new sites.

Before I share the specific strategy with you, I want to say something important about Content Building. So listen up.

Quality Content Building is the most important strategy of SEO Experts in Los Angeles. Most people don’t consider Content Building to be a part of SEO, but I disagree. To me, SEO is anything that helps you get more organic search engine traffic and Content Building helps tremendously, especially with Google.

Now let me ask you a question: consider two sites that are of the same age, the same link popularity, keywords etc. everything being equal, except that one of the sites has 10 times more content. How much more traffic will the bigger site get in the next few months? 10 times more? Sorry, you are wrong. It will get much more than 10 times the traffic of the smaller site, if you do it right.

I will talk about the specific reasons in an upcoming SEO book that I am writing at the moment. The book will also discuss the recommendations that I will lay out in this article.

The strategy is simple. Team up with 2, 5, 10 or whatever other trusted people that have good knowledge in the chosen field. Start building a content site and share the profit.

Consider this fact. If you write one good article per week, you will end up with 52 articles in a year. If 5 people write one good article per week, you will end up with 260 articles in a year. That is a tremendous leverage for getting lots of natural links and getting traffic from Google.

What kind of articles?

  • Long articles will always outperform short articles for SEO, conversions, getting natural links etc.
  • Long articles can and will rank for much more keyword combinations.
  • Long quality articles can impress your visitors way better and make them want to link to you.

Most of the articles that get linked to for years are high quality, long and comprehensive articles on a given topic.

Posting short, controversial, flamy or newsworthy articles in a blog can get you links short-term, but in-depth long articles covering some specific topic will get linked to long-term.

Treat the articles as sales letters. Make them long, interesting, in-depth. Start with a catchy title etc. Focus on content, not keywords.

Trust me, long in-depth articles, covering the full aspects of a topic will outperform short articles any time. Don’t break your articles into smaller ones. Doing so has the only advantage of getting more keyword rich title tags, but long articles will still outperform the short ones.

How to split the profit?

That is the easy part. Every author can place his AdSense, YPN code on his articles (that is a good incentive to write more articles). The same can be done with AdSense channels. Profit from other sources can be split in any way you like. One person can take care of webmastering and SEO.

All members of the team can post at forums and blogs with links back to the shared-profit-site. All members can actively monitor forums for questions about the field, hot news etc. and write about them etc.etc.

Teaming up has a great leverage advantage that will easily outperform the competition.

How will a single person produce more content, links and buzz about a single site? It is impossible.